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Currently only accepting design and full planning clients, any others by referral only.


About me

Hello Gorgeous!

I am Dana McGinley - designer, stylist, and crazy animal lover.  I want to be your go-to event designer. When working with me, we are forming a team.  Here are a few things about me, icebreakers if you will, that will help you get to know me.


Five years ago I found my calling and passion for event design. I have nurtured and grown my company into the brand you see today.  I consider myself a free spirit and look for the beauty in all aspects of life.  I also try to reflect that in my work.

My grandparents had the biggest influence on me growing up.  Coming from an unconventional family, I spent a lot of time with my nan and pop in their simple country home.  I always admired how my nana took care of everyone.  My greatest memories are of summer in the country with the sun on my face, cicadas chirping, the smell of fresh cut grass and line dried towels.  No laundry will ever smell as good as my nan’s line dried linens,  I believe in hard and honest work which I learned from my grandfather.

As your consultant I will connect you to the best resources and help you maintain control and focus in what can be a chaotic process to make your event uniquely yours.

Bringing beauty, creativity and people together is one of my favorite aspects of this process.  My love for fashion, art, design, and culture make our possibilities for inspiration endless.  Together, we can remove your planning obstacles and throw out the rule book to create something truly exciting.

Kaitlyn & Luke
Beth & Jason
Mytu & Ron
Smothered in love
Patiently Waiting
Bride's Best Friend
Finishing touches
The countdown begins
Bright and refreshing
Bubble Send Off!
Sparkler Send Off

"Because the difference is in the details"

Let's  chat . . .

Dana M. McGinley

Tel: 717-982-7436


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