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Santa Letters

Christmas is magical, make this season memorable with a letter from Santa.

old letters, handwritings and vintage postcards. nostalgic sentimental background. ephemer

How it works.


the details

Contact me for a questionnaire for your little one.  It covers things like accomplishments, encouragement, or closure.

Or, send me a copy of their letter to Santa for a response which can be mailed or sent electronically.

the response

I write a response to your child (with your review and approval) to be sent and opened at the beginning of December or anytime throughout the holiday season.

the physical letter

Letters are personalized, hand written, signed, and wax sealed.

Letters are $10 per child or $15 for households of two or three children.

Send your child's letter to Dana McGinley, 307 Montrose Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110; or electronically to


Payments can be made via Venmo (@Dana-McGinley).

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