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Where do consequences lead? Depends on the escort.

The ABCs of Wedding Seating Stationary

Seating is often a challenge for couples starting with table assignments and if you're forging your own path through the world of wedding stationary on your own you could end up more confused than when you started. Escort cards and place cards; is there a difference and do you need both?

There is a difference between escort cards and place cards. Whether you need both depends on preference, formality, family dynamics, and budget. While escort cards can be grouped by couple, place cards are always written individually. Here are a couple of Do's and Don'ts for escorting your guests:

Make it easy for your guests to navigate by allowing them access to seating during cocktail hour and alleviating traffic jams.

Use a classic style with pretty but legible font. Make it easier to read and locate cards by adding pin lighting or candles. This space can be both functional and fashionable.

One of the biggest DON'TS that couples unintentionally break is grouping cards by table number. Grouping should always be done alphabetically and a master spreadsheet created for your planner and staff to refer to during the event. If you have a good planner, they'll do this for you. The spreadsheet includes information like seating details, meal counts, and allergies.


Their purpose is purely directional, optional, and can be written by couple.


Are important for a few reasons: if you have specific seating in mind (feuding step parents, frenemies, etc.) and to indicate meal choices and allergies to wait staff.

One of the kindest efforts you can make for your event staff is to create place cards with meal indicators and a spreadsheet guide for your planner and maitre d'. This eliminates the need for staff to ask guests what they requested and prevents anyone with plate envy from changing their meal and shorting the entree count. More importantly, this helps staff easily recognize important allergy information. There are a ton of interesting, pretty, and creative ways that you can put these together. Your planner or stationer are great resources for ideas.

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