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Setting Up a Christmas Tree
Christmas Decorations

I love holidays and Christmas is my jam!  In the essence of Elf, I seek inspiration and prepare all year for this holiday.  To me, it is all about the ambiance and creating that feeling we can only find during the holiday season - peace and warmth (for your soul).

Christmas, in my house starts shortly after Halloween (much to the horror of my husband).  I could listen to Christmas music all year round and watch Home Alone in any season.  There is just something about all of the lights, spirit, and warmth of this particular holiday that feels like the outside world is meeting the inside of our hearts.

Let me help you get into the holiday spirit and ready to spend quality time with family and friends.

Contact me today to schedule a design consult for your home, party, or office holiday needs.  


Also, ask me about personal shopping!!!!!!

Wrapped Boxes

Holiday Gift Wrapping


Personal Shopping

now through December 21, 2020

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